Pilot - the project on Serra-ES (Q1 2022)

We first partnered with a school in the Porto Canoa neighborhood, in the city of Serra-ES, to provide our pilot course. Learn more:

Blockchain at the School**: Serra-ES**


Phase 2 - Minas Gerais Expansion and New Course

  1. We’re currently planning to replicate the pilot’s experience in Belo Horizonte-MG. We’re aiming to start the course at the beginning of the 2023 school year.
  2. We’re also developing a new course aimed towards the humanization and ethics of technological development, focusing on the subject of token engineering
    1. We’re seeking funding to develop a course that will act as an entry point for students to the web3 industry. We’ll also train people to become teachers of this program so we can expand our reach.

    2. Course details:

      HUM4NT3CH: Ethics for a Humanized Technological Development

    3. Implementation:

      How we do it

Next Steps

I**. Institutional Design**

Design the proposal for the DAO’s structure.

Deliverables: online structure for communication and decision making (e.g., Discord, Snapshot). Create the DAO’s conceptual identity. Design the $NOS social token and the “Listening” system for quality assurance over partner teacher’s courses.

II. Technology

Build/coordinate the DAO’s online structure maintenance, and develop mechanisms to share educational content

Deliverables: Setup a multisig wallet for the treasury, social tokens ($NOS) and website.

III. Operational Coordination

  1. Build teams.
  2. Operationalize the listening system for teacher training and QA
  3. Manage initiatives, deadlines, resources and requests

Deliverables: Task distribution among DAO members. Establish success metrics to assess task completion. Build a team of tutors to support students continuous learning (e.g., programming classes). Operationalize the Teach2Earn.

Distribuir tarefas entre os membros da DAO. Estabelecer métricas de sucesso para avaliar o cumprimento das tarefas. Formar uma equipe de tutores para auxiliar os alunos que demonstram interesse em aprender a programar. Operacionalizar Teach2Earn.